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About Us

FIDIR /fidʲɪrʲ/ Scottish Gaelic
verb; gn. ag. -dreadh

i. feel, experience ii. explore

FIDIR is inspired by the hillscapes of the Scottish Highlands and Islands. We create men’s clothing and accessories to capture our love for this special corner of the world.

Our products are rooted in these landscapes, whether it be the materials, colours, or finer details which evoke the rugged beauty of this magnificent terrain. We design FIDIR with the comfort demanded by everyday use, but with a durability and versatility that lends itself to use in the great outdoors.

As inescapable as the Highlands and Islands’ Celtic road signs, the FIDIR name is the pivot point for everything we produce. FIDIR is the magic that is to feel and experience this rarefied part of the world. It is about exploration and discovery.

We are lovers of the natural environment and accordingly, the wildlife of the Highlands and Islands is truly dear to us. Our logo is the feather of one of Scotland’s most iconic creatures, the Golden Eagle. Soaring over swaths of the ethereal landscape that so inspires us, its feather is a fitting emblem.

As a symbol of the honourable virtues of trust, wisdom, strength, and freedom in Native American culture, the feather carries an added significance for us. A Golden Eagle’s feather is among the most treasured gifts that one Native American can give to another. We mark our products with this venerated practice in mind and hope that you too will carry our feather with pride.

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